Thursday, 19 February 2015


On Tuesday we celebrated Carnevale. If we were in Italy, we would have no doubt gone to a dress-up party and we would have seen many little ones going around, dressed in their favourite heroes or Disney characters. Here in the UK, however, they don't celebrate Carnevale, so it was much quiter. What's Carnevale for us, it's Pancake Day for them and we tried to combine the two celebrations.

It was a gorgeous sunny day in London so we got ready and went out for a nice stroll. Emilia decided to be a ballerina for a day and was wearing a lovely tutu dress together with her Frozen magic wand. We made colourful masks and baked lots of traditional biscuits that we enjoyed for dessert together with lovely pancakes made by Rob. All in all it was a very "sweet" day!

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