Saturday, 10 January 2015

Snow Day

In reality, we had two snow days! It was sunny and not so cold one day, we went to bed and the morning after we woke up to this! 

I personally love it when it snows and if you live outside the city, the view is just magical, I think. It was Emilia's first walk in the snow and she had so much fun stepping into it with her wellies. We didn't stay out in the garden for too long as it was very cold and we were all just recovering from the flu but it was long enough to have a proper snow experience all together, something Emilia kept talking about for a few days...

Cold weather and lots of snow meant that we were stuck inside the house for a couple of days, which also meant lots of indoor activities. We had to get creative! Thankfully, my grandmum was around to keep Emilia busy and together they baked a lot and made delicious pizza! 

And then, when we were all done being stuck inside the house, our good friends Lorenzo and Federica came to the rescue and picked us up with their Range Rover and together we all went to Ilaria and Cristian's for a yummy and hot polenta lunch! Emilia loved the adventure. 

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