Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christmas 2014: Christmas Day

As it has been tradition for at the least the last twenty years, in fact, for as long as I can remember, my parents hosted the Christmas lunch. This year, like last year, they also hosted dinner on Christmas' Eve and lunch on Boxing Day. As usual the house was wonderfully decorated and most of the decor was either handmade by my mum or a collaboration of work between my mum, grandmum and dad who used all the greenery from the garden to create amazing centerpieces and wreaths. My mum never decorates the tree in the same way twice but this year I was able to convince her to reuse the beautiful Christmas fairies that she had made last year for Emilia. Emilia was quite little last year and didn't really get to enjoy them, I knew this year she would have loved them. I quite like the yellow one, I think it is my favour, while Emilia leaned more towards the green and the white.

The night before, after our Christmas' Eve fish dinner, we all helped decorate the table for the Christmas lunch and I think we did a lovely job. This year we used a silk tablecloth that I bought in Libya back in 2000 and as usual Bea took care of the placenames.

Emilia was still not in great shape (can you see her eyes?!?) but at least she was able to sit with us and somehow enjoyed her lunch. She napped for a good two hours and then there was the ritual of gift exchange with my mum dressed like Santa! I only wish she was feeling better to really appreciate what was going on; she barely looked at the gifts and was too weak to get excited. Although, there was a sparkle in her eyes when the Peppa Pig gifts were being delivered and she selected a stuffed lion as her favourite booty!

All in all, yes, it could have been a better Christmas if we were all healthy but it was nonetheless good to be at home with the love and warmth that only family can give you. I hope you were all able to celebrate Christmas with your beloved ones.

P.S. In case you are wondering why my uncle Luciano is dressed like this, he came to lunch straight from work! Yes, he is one of the few people who actually work on Christmas Day :)

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