Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Speaking of Christmas...

And while the city gets ready for the biggest holiday of the year, at home we are starting to work on some Christmas decorations ourselves! 

My mum and grandmum were in town for a few days and they flew with a huge Xmas tree as their handbag (!?!). A beautiful fabric tree, entirely handmade by my mum for Emilia! Emilia loved it so much that she didn't seem to care at all about all the other gifts they brought along, Peppa Pig books and stuffed George included! One day I hope to be able to spend enough time with my mum to sit down and learn how to make myself all the wonderful things she can make. I like to think I am quite crafty myself but I am absolutely nothing compared to my mother. Emilia is fascinated by the whole concept of making something, she loves sitting down at the table and work on an activity. It's in our blood and I hope to be able to teach her as many things as possible and spend as much time together crafting and making things! Is there anything more charming than sitting at a big table making things and seeing your products getting life, perhaps next to a fireplace and while sipping a nice and hot cup of tea?!? I don't think so. Even better if my mum and grandmum are around, it brings me back to when I was little and every weekend we would work on a project together, baking, sewing, stitching, you name it. Good times. 

Back to the tree,  it is so big that it cannot be hung anywhere in our flat, so for the moment it has been moving around from the couch, to our bed and now on a bench in our bedroom. Who knows where it will end up next?! Emilia stops to admire it and say *bello* every time she passes by it. It's made of linen, cotton, pom poms, ribbons and beautiful gold stars. Entirely handmade by my mummy! I am so proud.


We, Emilia and I, certainly cannot achieve such level of perfection but we have worked on some little Christmas craft too. When my mum and grandmum left yesterday afternoon the flat was a bit empty so, to cheer everyone up, I put all sorts of little decorations on the table, pom poms, buttons, hearts, butterflies, reindeers, ribbons, bows, and other things to decorate foam Christmas trees. Emilia was in heaven, she loved it! I told her she was going to make her own Christmas gifts to give away to the people she loves and she started listing all the names of the people who should receive it...she has made seven so far and there are eight more to make, if you are in luck, you'll get one! :) 


I know it's only mid-November but to me it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas! And my very best friends share this thought with me as we have started to receive our first cards and gifts already, thanks to my very dear friend Anya!

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