Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Family Activities

Sadly, we don't have a fireplace to gather around in our flat in London and our living room is only so big that we cannot really have a huge table but we still manage to do some crafting! When mum and grandmum are around we join forces and work on the most fun activities together! This time they only stayed for five days and I was busy with a workshop for two of the days but when we were all home, we tried to make the most of our time together! My mum brought leaves from their garden in Italy to show all the different varieties to Emilia who enjoyed sticking them on paper; she also brought several fabric scraps to play with and make art! Planning ahead, I had also bought a *make it yourself - doll kit* and we all gave it a go together; Emilia had her very first experience with stiching (with a rubber needle, of course!) and she was very good! Of course, it wouldn't be a proper stay with mum and grandmum if we didn't make bread and pizza! Emilia loves this activity, she enjoys working the dough with the rolling pin and makes the best bread ever! :) 

What else can I say: mum, nonna, when are you coming back? Fancy visiting us again?!? We sure miss you already...


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