Sunday, 20 July 2014

Peppa Pig World

About a year ago, while walking out of the London Bridge tube station, my eyes caught a leaflet of a new theme park that had just opened in honour of the one and only Peppa Pig. I knew one day we would venture there...and that day was last Friday! On Friday morning we took the train from London Waterloo to Southampton Central and from there it was a ten minute taxi ride to Peppa Pig World. My parents, Rob, Emilia and I were all super excited to spend a fun day out. And boy did we have fun! 

The train ride was smooth and Emilia was captivated by all the people around her. She was very good and when she wasn't busy overhearing the conversations from her neighbours, she played with her activity book. 


The taxi ride from Southampton Central station to the park, on the other hand, wasn't very smooth and Emilia was quite distressed. But we got there, in the end. And once inside the park, we were all in haven! We all loved it. The park is perfect for kids and toddlers and most of the rides are suitable for little ones. Emilia's favourite was by far the dinosaur's ride! 


And of course, we met Peppa! And George. This time, Emilia was a little bit less scared by Peppa and wanted to get closer and closer (but not too close!). 


Peppa Pig World is actually part of a bigger, and older, theme park. So, once we were done with all the rides in Peppa World, we ventured to the rest of the park. I really liked walking through the botanical gardens and we all enjoyed a ride on the Victorian carousel. 


We left just five minutes before the park closed and this time the taxi ride back to the train station went very well. Emilia was happy, in fact, she was ecstatic. She kept saying *Peppa World* and gave all of us lots of gratitude kisses! It was such a lovely family day out and a perfect way to celebrate my first day as an older lady :)

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