Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ecologic Park, Farm, and Outdoor Gym

We have been quite blessed with good weather lately, so on Sunday afternoon we took a long stroll along the river. We first hit the Ecologic Park, where we enjoyed a nice picnic and some relaxation; we then headed to Surrey Docks Farm, where we played with the animals, and this time Emilia was much less scared and was happy to walk around by herself. At the farm we also bought fresh eggs with which we made a big and super yummy courgettes frittata for dinner. On the way back we also hit an outdoor gym where we all gave it a go and had lots of fun. It was another beautiful family day out. I am so so happy my parents are in town! Well, as I write, they are actually enjoying a three-day mini holiday in Bruges...but they will be back soon, very soon, and Emilia can't wait for her *regalo*!


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