Friday, 11 July 2014

4th of July

One of the highlights of the US trip was celebrating the fourth of July. In fact, we celebrated it twice! As you would imagine, it was an explosion of white, red, blu, stripes and stars! 

On the actual day, Rob's parents hosted a bbq for the inner family. In the morning, Emilia, Rob and I took a lovely stroll around the neighborhood where all the flags outside the houses were up. In Europe you will only see so many flags during the World Cup or the Euro-Cup!

At home we enjoyed a yummy grilled meal and a patriotic cake and spent the afternoon chatting and playing games.


The day ended with fireworks, or *twinkle twinkle little stars*, as Emilia called them. I wasn't sure whether she was going to like them or be afraid of but she surprised me. She got super excited and kept asking for more!

Day #2 of the celebration is where patriotism really kicked in. We got invited to Rob's aunt's place for an afternoon bbq with the extended family. The house was dressed with the American colours and most people wore shades of red and blue.As it was an American-Italian household, the Italian flag as well as Italian expressions and memories of Italian trips also made their appearance. 


It was a beautiful day of relaxation, family, food, and celebration. What else to say, God bless America :) 

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