Monday, 10 March 2014

Sunday Visit

Sunday afternoon we said goodbye to our baby swing and I have to say, it was a bit emotional. The end of an era. We would have liked to keep it but we don't have storage space and Emilia hasn't used it in months. Sadly, it had to go. Thankfully, we were able to find a good home for it. One of Rob's colleagues has just given birth so she will be using it for her lovely baby boy. As we don't have a car, Rumana, another of Rob's colleagues and friend, offered to come and picked it up and then she will take it to its new home. Rumana hadn't seen Emilia since she was just a few months old, so, of course, she was also excited to come and play with her. She brought her teenage daughter along and Emilia was fascinated by her. As the weather was once again beautiful, we decided to go out and waited for Rumana in the street. I was very impressed at how Emilia behaved when she saw them; not only did she have a big smile on her face but when Rumana took her and held her, she didn't even seem to realise that she was no longer in her daddy's arms. I am proud of her for being so social. We strolled around for a bit and Emilia was so cute reaching for her new friend's hand. 

We then went back home where we had a tea with vanilla cupcakes that I had previously baked and chatted, gossiped, and played with bubbles. Emilia was super happy to have friends over. 

When it was time for them to leave, Emilia gave a last glance at the swing and then graciously said bye bye. Time is going by very fast. I have bags and bags of Emilia's clothes that no longer fit; some toys are starting to be too babyish for her and she is more and more interested in daily activities and what us, adults, do. She is only eighteen months old and I already miss her baby days...

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