Monday, 17 March 2014

A week full of fun!

Hi folks, sorry for the long silence but we have been busy busy having fun! 
Emilia's godparents, Lorenzo and Federica, came to London and spent one full week with us. They took us company while Rob was in Cannes for work and showered Emilia with a huge amount of love. It was so much fun to have them with us and Emilia loved all the attention. She absolutely adores them and was very happy to have two extra people to play with. 

Below is a short account in images of all the wonderful things we have done this past week:

1. Lots of strolls in our area

2. Painting


 3. Day at Hackney City Farm


4. Art at the Unicorn

5. Lunch at Nandos


6. Brunch at Browns


7. Day at the park

8. Selfies


9. And lots of cuddles, of course. 

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