Saturday, 4 January 2014

Pacentro aka Madonna's Hometown

While in Pescara, Rob and I took some time to do some sightseeing. Both Rob and I (I will admit, me more than Rob) love traveling and exploring new places and since most of our traveling these days revolves around trips to our hometowns, we have decided that from now on we should at least try to see something new in the general areas (both in Italy and the US), even if it only means day trips and nothing too exciting and exotic. So, before going to Italy for the Christmas holiday, I took some time to plan ahead and check all the options. In the end, I came up with a full list of places to visit, some we did, and others we postponed to our next visits. One of the most anticipated day trips was a visit of Pacentro, better known around the world as Madonna's hometown. Yes, you heard it right, the American pop singer's ancestors are from a teeny-tiny village in the Abruzzo mountains, about forty minutes away from my parents' house. Cool, huh?!

Not only is Pacentro a well preserved medieval village but it has also been nominated as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. That with the link to Madonna made the town worth a visit. So, on a sunny Sunday morning Rob and I left baby with her beloved grandparents and escaped for a bit of sightseeing and peace. I must say, we didn't expect too much from the village; we have both seen many medieval villages in Italy and this one is definitely not the most famous one. However, we were both pleasantly surprised. Pacentro is a lovely town that I would definitely recommend visiting if you are in the general area. The castle with the three towers makes a perfect start of the visit and then just get lost in the several tiny streets around the town. And if you go, make sure to have lunch at Taverna Caldora, we had an amazing meal there! Time to plan a trip to Abruzzo, folks!


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