Saturday, 12 October 2013


It seems that Emilia has grown so much in the last few weeks. A lot of things are happening at once and every day brings something new. She is so eager to learn and  has absolutely no fear to try new things. As I mentioned before, she is getting more and more mobile. She can walk all around the bed and goes from the bed to the bedside table, and from here to the chair, from the chair to the chest of drawers and from here to the wardrobe, and so on. She is not very balanced yet but we think it is a matter of time before she will be able to stand and walk on her own. 

She is also more and more talkative and interactive. She loves listening to us and can really understand what we are saying, whether it's in English or Italian, it doesn't matter, she knows what we are saying. It's impressive how easy it is for a baby to absorb everything that goes on around her. I wish I could learn new things that fast. New entries include *baby* and *latte *(=milk). And speaking of milk, she is a bit off milk these days. She still drinks it but doesn't seem to love it anymore and never finishes it. On the other hand, she has been enjoying more types of juice and literally downs camomile tea. 


Emilia loves being independent. So anything that she can eat/drink by herself is a big hit. On the other hand, she doesn't love being fed anymore and is constantly trying to grab the spoon to eat by herself. In a way, this is good but sometimes you just would like to get on with lunch and avoid unnecessary mess. Tonight, for example, she had her pasta with tomato sauce, which she tried to eat by herself, one little *stellina* at the time, and then we gave her a plate full of pear, one of her favourite things. She is usually pretty good but tonight the juice of the pear was all over the place, especially in Emilia's hair! 

And I leave you with a couple of pictures of Emilia sporting her new yellow jacket. Isn't it cute? The weather was quite nice today so we decided to take a stroll, eat out and do some shopping. Thankfully, Emilia behaved! You never know with kids...


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