Friday, 11 October 2013

Baby Walker

Rob and I have finally given Emilia her first birthday present. Yes, more than a month later, you read it right. In preparation for her birthday we looked widely for the perfect gift but we didn't seem to find anything special. Of course, the birthday party was a big enough gift but what kind of parents would we be if we didn't give our lovely little girl a present for her first birthday? Well, as we couldn't agreed on anything, we settled on a Peppa Pig book (you can never go wrong with Peppa and books!) and gave it to Emilia on the actual day of her birthday. Emilia, of course, never really realised that she had turned one and perhaps never really understood what the big deal was and why so many people had gathered on that warm September afternoon in the garden of her grandparents. However, one day she will be old enough to understand and I am sure she will love to look at the pictures of her memorable first birthday party. 

So, once back home in London I started looking into options again and Rob and I finally agreed on what we wanted to buy: a baby walker! At 13 months Emilia can stand on her own and kind of walk with some help. As I mentioned before, she hangs on anything that she can find on the way. Therefore, we thought that a baby walker was exactly what she needs: something functional, practical and fun. Of course, it wasn't easy to agree on "the one". There are many options available on the market, with prices ranging from ca. 20 to 100£. After a couple of days of browsing the Internet, we eventually found the winner: The Little White Company Wooden Toy Pram. Isn't it beautiful?

To me it was essential that it was a wooden baby walker, you know how much I hate plastic toys! And I absolutely love this design, it's a perfect mix of modern and tradition. So, we ordered it and three days later this beauty made its appearance in the house. Emilia was sleeping when we assembled it but the morning after, this morning in fact, she had a big smile when she saw it and immediately went to play with it. Funny bit: she doesn't love to have dolls or stuffed animals in the pram; I put her teddy bear in it and she kept grabbing it and literally threw it out of the pram. Also, she didn't want the pillows to be in it either, I wonder if she remembers that when she was little and was in a pram herself we didn't put any pillow in it for security reasons. Perhaps she is just being cautious :) - ha ha!


So, our little bundle of joy is on the move! However, as much as she is trying, walking is still a bit tricky and challenging for her. So, if she wants to get somewhere quickly, crawling is still the answer. I don't know for how long she will be crawling so this morning I took a short video of her crawling from the bedroom to the living room. One day, she will love to see this. And I know you are big fans of videos of Emilia. So, here it is. Enjoy!


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