Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

Last year Emilia was only a couple of months old for Halloween and we didn't do too much. You may remember, however, that we dressed her up as a little lady-bug and walked all around our area to take some pictures. London was sunny and warm that day. Today, instead, it was all rainy and grey.

In the morning, we took some pictures with the pumpkins that we have in the flat and played with them for a little. The weather wasn't very good and also we were waiting for uncle Rich and aunt Donna to arrive all the way from Baltimore. So, we stayed home.


Uncle Rich and aunt Donna not only had lots pf sweet gifts for Emilia but they also brought the Halloween costume that we had bought from Pottery Barn. This year, we opted for a giraffe costume, how cute is it??! Look at this picture below from their website.

Sadly, Emilia didn't like it. In fact, she only kept the hat on for about five seconds and kept pulling the top off. Not sure why but she hated it. What a shame. Rob and I really loved it. So much that we may try again in a couple of months for Carnevale. We will see...


In this last picture she is literally screaming: GET THIS THING OFF MEEE! NOOOOWWWW!!!

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