Friday, 25 October 2013

For the rest of you

My dad is in town. He arrived last Monday and will be staying until the 30th. The official reason for his visit is that Rob is in New York for work and he didn't want us to be alone, so he is keeping us company and is helping me out with Emilia. It is so much easier to have another set of hands and eyes around! Emilia needs so much attention these days and it can be exhausting to take care of her, the house, work, as well as myself all alone. So, thanks very much, dad, we appreciate your help! 

And Emilia is loving having her nonno around. In fact, I think her favourite word of the moment is nonno. She keeps saying it and smiles every time she does it. She is too cute and of course my dad melts every time he hears that magic word. At the same time, my dad is aware of how lucky he is to be spending some quality time with his beloved granddaughter. So, he has been taking pictures and videos for the rest of you, to give you a glimpse of how he is spending his days with baby Emilia. 

And when I say baby, I really should say toddler. She is such a big girl now and she knows she is getting bigger and bigger and wants to try new things on a daily basis. One of her favourite new adventures is to sit on the high stools in the kitchen. She loves it and you must remember not to try to help her out, she can do it on her on!

It's small things like these that make all of us happy and excited to be around her. Daily activities with Emilia become part of the things to look forward to in a day. On Tuesday, for example, my dad and I bathed Emilia and we all had a lot of fun. She is adorable while she plays in her inflatable duck and is too cute when she tries to dry and brush her hair. 


And in general, we have so much fun playing with her, just listening to her attempting to say new words and that smile, oh, I could look at her smiling every second. 


Certainly, the highlight of the week was the classical concert we attended on Wednesday. As usual, I found it emotional to share such beautiful moments with my little one. The church was full of babies and toddlers and they all enjoyed the sound of the piano and the cello. Some babies were just a few days old!


While the classical music was very relaxing, it's the last part of the concert that really got the kids singing and dancing. All the classic baby rhymes were played and we all sang along. Join us here in Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

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