Friday, 7 June 2013

From Italy, with love...

My mum and grandmum are in London! They arrived earlier on today and Emilia and I were anxiously awaiting for them at home. When they rang the bell, we were playing and cuddling on the bed; of course, I took loads of pictures to mark the moment - I love it when Emilia tries to grab the camera, she is so attracted by it and makes the cutest faces. 


Mum and grandmum brought many things, as usual, however one thing in particolar attracted Emilia's attention: fresh cherries from grandad's garden! Oh, I remember the days I used to go out to the garden and spend hours climbing the cherry trees and eating all those delicious red little things! I hadn't had MY cherries in such a long time, we never go to Pescara in May-June, so I always miss the cherry season. But this time mum brought a nice and big bag to London. Fresh from Italy, with love. Emilia enjoyed playing with them and I enjoyed eating them even more! 


Also Emilia received a lovely handmade hat. We think she looks so cute in it, thanks Silvana! 

More than anything she is receiving loads of love, the special kind, the one that only family and good friends can give you! Welcome to London mum and nonna! Welcome home.

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