Friday, 14 June 2013

All is good!

After three days of intense work in Barcelona, and I am not going to lie, some fun and good food too, I got back to London on Wednesday night, very late at night in fact. Barcelona was good. The weather was simply amazing and the food just wonderful.

Sagrada Familia - like many of my projects, NEVER ENDING!
La Pedrera
Seafood Paella with vermicelli pasta - DELICIOUS!
Everything was good if it wasn't for the stress caused by the possibility of having my flight cancelled. In fact, I barely made it back to London. As you may know, the French Air Traffic Control was on strike and many flights were cancelled. In the end I was lucky as some of my colleagues got stuck in Barcelona and are still there! I suppose there are worse places to get stuck in and in other circumstances I would have not minded to stay longer but I had a surgery scheduled for Thursday so, as you can imagine, I was getting a bit stressed at the idea of not being able to fly back to the UK. It took me a long time to schedule the surgery, I certainly didn't want to postpone it. In the end, however, everything worked out well and I got back to London eventually. I landed around 23.00, was in the flat around 1.00am, made my hospital bag and went straight to bed. The morning after I woke up and got ready for the hospital. 

The surgery went well and apart from some pain in the affected area and a bit of weakness all is good! I have to thank my family for the support, Rob for being next to me the whole time, Emilia for all the smiles and my mum and grandmum for being here to look after me. Also, I want to thank my in-laws for the beautiful flowers they have sent me. I love white hydrangea, it's one of my favourite flowers, in fact, it's the flower I chose for our wedding. The plant is beautiful and as soon as I can move again I will plant it in a bigger pot outside. Thank you ever so much!

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