Saturday, 4 May 2013

Our Asian Experience Part 1: Singapore

So, we are back. After ten days in South East Asia, we are now back in sunny London! Yes, sunny London and boy did we miss it. We missed London and we missed the sun. Out of ten days in Singapore and Hong Kong we probably saw the sun once or twice. And I thought I would come back to London with a nice and enviable tan. I now laugh at my ignorance :) From day one in Singapore I learned that the temperatures are very high in that part of the world and this time of the year (average of 30-35 degrees Celsius) but so is the humidity (ca. 85%). This means, it is unbearable to be outside walking around for more than half an hour and, most disappointingly of all, the sky is always hazy and grey. And people complain about London weather...I would NEVER trade London weather with this. Ok, enough about the weather. 

As for the trip in general, we had a great time. We relaxed but did so many things at the same time. Of course, we missed Emilia terribly but it was healthy to have a break from her too and when we got back to London, she was there, waiting for us with a big smile as time had never gone by!

We spent the first leg of the trip in Singapore. We stayed at The Fullerton Hotel, an institution in Singapore, one of the oldest hotels in town. The hotel is nice and centrally located, however, if I had the change to go back, I think I would choose the newer addition to the family, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, much sleeker and less old fashion. 

When we arrived at the hotel, we took a stroll in the area to kick off the city exploration. And then we dressed up to join Rob's colleagues from the Singapore team for a yummy dinner at Jumbo, at the Seafood Centre. 

The next day was all about sightseeing. I visited the Botanic Gardens with the so beautiful orchids, took a short cruise on the Singapore River, had a dim sum lunch at Chinatown, took the cable car to Sentosa Island where I visited the local history museum and the biggest Acquarium in South-East Asia. 

The first day of sightseeing ended with a cocktail at the top floor of the so famous Marina Bay Sands. I had seen pictures of the pool before but you need to go there in person to be totally impressed and see the trick of the infinity pool!

The views from up there are breathtaking.


The next two days we hit some of the city's most famous spots, such as the Raffles Hotel where we had the world known Singapore Sling, and some temples in Little India and Chinatown.

All in all we had a great time, and even if the sun wasn't shining, I still enjoyed going to the pool where at night it was about 30 degrees Celsius!

Coming next, my account of Hong Kong...

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