Thursday, 2 May 2013

Oh my God, I am 8 months old!

Doesn't it look like Emilia is talking to God here? Asking where time went? How is it possible that she is already 8 months old? Well, certainly, we are all asking that question. It only seems yesterday when Emilia was as little as 52cm that it is hard to believe that she is now this big. Time really flies. 

And she is getting more and more adorable and fun. And look what she can do now? Yes, she is practicing walking! Well, she is not quite there yet but she is just eight months old, let's give her some credit! 

And for today's photo shoot Emilia has opted to wear some pearls, grandmum's pearls, to be precise. But you know, one day they will be hers! We think she looks too cute! 


And to celebrate her month-birthday, we promised Emilia to take her to Peppa World, the theme park that they have recently opened in Southampton. Here is Emilia checking out the map with all the attractions! We can't wait to go!

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    P.S. con la fascia e la collana sei irresistibile!