Saturday, 9 February 2013

Two weeks of family

When my mum and grandmum booked their trip back in December I was so happy they were able to stay in London for two weeks. I thought it was a long time. Now that the two weeks are over I think that it would have been nice if they could stay three weeks of perhaps four! Of course I am very grateful that they could come and stay all this time but I would have loved if they could stay longer. In fact, I would love to have them around, always. Needless to say, these two weeks have been wonderful. Rob and I were able to sleep (an average of 7-9 hours every night of good, uninterrupted sleep!), stroll, shop, go out for a date lunch, and in general rest and relax. And I went back to work and the transition from full-time mummy to part-time researcher has been painless. However, mum and grandmum are leaving tomorrow and things will have to change now that we are alone, again.

Mum and grandmum made our life easier and Emilia loved spending time and playing with them.
The very first day they arrived we moved Emilia's crib into the second bedroom. Emilia has been sleeping with them since night one, allowing mummy and daddy to rest. She also enjoyed playing in bed with great-grandmum and I love these pictures of the two of them playing together.

Emilia telling bisnonna to get closer to be in the photo
See, that's better. Now they can see you!

Almost every day my mum took Emilia out for a stroll and she took so many pictures of her in the pram. These are my favourite ones. 
Note: Emilia NEVER wears a hat with me, she hates it. My mum can do absolutely anything with her, even let her wear a hat! She is all bundled up :)


I am just so happy she got to spend some quality time with mum and grandmum. Family is the most wonderful thing in the world!


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