Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Busy Bee

Last week I officially went back to work. For now, and at least for six months, I will only be working three days a week to make the transition a bit easier. Also, mum and grand-mum are here, which makes leaving Emilia less painful! I have agreed to work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays however this Wednesday, today, Emilia's schedule was rather busy and I opted to work on Friday instead. When I told my boss that Emilia had a full day today he smiled, it's never too early to be a busy bee! 

The morning started with a lovely concert. Remember my posts (here and here) about the Bach to Baby concert last month? Well, we loved it so much that we had to go back! In January it was all about the piano, today Emilia experienced the sound of cello too. This time the whole family (well, Emilia, mummy, grandmum and great grandmum) went and our friends Steph and Juliette joined us too. Steph and baby came to our flat around 9.45am and then we all walked to Bermondsey street.

Like last time, the church was full of babies and parents. The youngest one was just eleven days! It was just lovely. I have taken some pictures and videos, of course. However, the light wasn't very good inside the church and the quality of the photos is therefore a bit poor.

Like last time, Emilia really enjoyed the concert but I think she is more into piano than cello. However, in all fairness, I had to feed her pretty much as soon as the concert started, which may have contributed to a little bit of crankiness when she heard the sound of the cello. But once her little stomach was full, she was all ready to listen and play! So who knows, she may want to be a cello player after all :)

Juliette, being Juliette, was super sweet and I love how the two interacted. Babies are so funny when they are together, they look at each other, they try to touch each other, they smile and "talk". They are clever things - more than we think!
And the adults loved it too. My mum and grand-mum had a wonderful time and kept thanking me for the experience.

Like last time the official photographer took some pictures too. I'll post them as soon as they are available.

As for the videos, here are a few that capture the beauty of the concert. 
The first video was taken during the Classical concert itself. Look at how interested in the music, as well as the other kids, is Emilia. Isn't she cute? 

At the end of the concert, the musicians take requests, Twinke Twinke is always a favourite song! I sing it to Emilia every night and she falls asleep with it, of course she liked it. 

And then all babies were invited on stage to sing along. Isn't it lovely?

And to end the morning in a super jolly way, we all sang Happy Birthday to a little girl named Lara who turned one today. What a nice way to celebrate a birthday!

All in all we had an amazing morning. We went back home around 1.00pm full of joy and happiness. And just an hour later we were out again. As I said, today was a hectic day for baby Emilia. At 2.20pm Emilia had her monthly check with the health visitor and I am happy to report that it's all going very well. She is now 7.780kg, between 75 and 91 percentile! Yes, she is a big baby. Well, she loves eating and thankfully she has been enjoying everything she has tried so far, although it's not much (only apple and pear). Tomorrow, we'll start with vegetable broth and baby rice. Watch this space!


  1. What a fun day! i LOVED the videos and the Emilia/Juliette picture! Instant friends! They will be dancing in the front in no time ;)

  2. Carine che siete tu e Steph con i vostri angioletti!
    Solo una domanda...chi si e` divertita di piu` tra Emilia e nonna Patrizia?