Thursday, 14 February 2013

Call me romantic

Some people hate Valentine's Day, I *love*it. It's my name day and I have always celebrated it since I was a little girl. This year, of course, everything is special for us thanks to the new entry to our family, and so was Valentine's Day. I didn't have anything too fitting for the occasion in terms of outfits for Emilia, nothing with hearts, but I still wanted to dress her somehow for the festivity, so we picked a red dress. And I think she looks adorable. Unfortunately, both Rob and I had to work today but we were sure to give Emilia some extra love before leaving her with her babysitter. 

At my lunch break I went to Gap Kids and bought a couple of gifs for Emilia, she is one love of my life, after all. Of course, she doesn't understand the concept of gift yet but I still wanted to give her something. At the very least she could play with the wrapping paper! I tried to leave work as soon as I could this evening and when I was walking home, guess whom I bumped into? Rob and baby Emilia, who were carefully choosing a nice bunch of flowers for mummy at the local florist. It was such a nice surprise. Rob was holding Emilia and they were both looking down at the flowers, they were very cute.

Once Emilia fell asleep, Rob and I ordered some sushi and exchanged gifts. I gave him a pack of six bottles of organic beer  from Freedom Brewery (a sort of mini beer tasting experience at home), a Pretty Green t-shirt and a dim sum Afternoon Tea at the Crazy Bear (I thought we may want to have some time alone without baby at some point and this afternoon tea with dumplings instead of scones, biscuits and cucumber sandwiches sounded very cool!). And I received a lovely Paul Smith purse

Now, what's not to like about a day of celebration, gifts, and love? 


  1. Nella foto ci sono i tuoi due amori...romanticona!

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