Sunday, 27 January 2013

Your New Baby - An Owner's Manual

A couple of days ago Emilia and I enjoyed a playdate at our friends Katharina and Elias'. We were invited for 12.00pm and Katharina made a yummy healthy lunch for us mamas. As I have said before, playdates are always a question mark, you never know how they turn out but thankfully this was a good one (I say thankfully because just last week we had another playdate in Earl's Court at our friends Steph and Juliette's and Emilia was very unhappy and crying for most of the time. Boy, was I stressed!?!). Anyway, despite some negative experiences, I still try to get out and do as much as possible with Emilia. She needs to get used to different people and different surroundings, and I need to get out of the flat sometimes!

For the occasion Emilia wore the lovely dress that my girlfriends gave her on our last stay in Pescara. Thank you ladies, we love it! And I think Emilia looks rather cute in it. 

Katharina's flat is just a couple of minutes away from ours but (strangely!) Emilia fell asleep on our way there and slept the whole time while we were having lunch, which was GREAT for me, considering that these days I barely have time to eat! And then, when she woke up she was in very good spirit, held Elias' hand (sorry Rob, she did hold a little boy's hand!), played with Elias farm and was fascinated by the many paintings and drawings hanging on the walls. Will she be an art-critic? Time will tell. And while the babies were enjoying whatever they were doing, Katharina and I enjoyed some good chats. We probably touched every single topic you can talk about. You can really see that we desperately need to communicate with people, to have an adult conversation that doesn't involve nappies, feeds and other baby-related topics. 
And before leaving Katharina lend me a little book entitled *Your New Baby_ An Owner's Manual* promising some good laughs. I have only read half of it, in fact, I read it to Emilia (she needs to know too! One day she will have to go through this herself!) and found it funny and sweet. I recommend it to every new parents or as a cute baby shower gift. 

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