Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Weaning - Day 1

Today we have started weaning. What an exciting thing, all of a sudden your baby is all grown up and can eat proper food!

Originally, I planned to make my own puree of fruit but after a couple of failed attempts, I decided to give up for now and use the packaged kind. First of all, I didn't know if the fruit I had was ripe and sweet enough and second of all even after mashing it good and putting it in a blender I didn't obtain a nice cream, there were still some lumps. In the end, the baby products available in store are very good and perhaps I shouldn't be too tough on myself and make my life even more complicated. So, as long as it's organic stuff, I am happy. 

Tonight we started with *pomme* puree from a French brand, bought at the French delicacy here in Shad Thames. French apples are nice, aren't they? Oh well, Emilia, seemed to agree and ate two big spoons of apple puree. In fact, she asked for more but I didn't want to exaggerate being the first time she ate something different from milk. So we gave her last feed right after to satisfy her appetite.

Weaning is a very slow process, much slower than I had anticipated and it is important to introduce new food slowly so that baby can get adjusted to it and see if she likes it or not. Emilia loved the apples and for three days we will only be giving her apples so if she has a food reaction we know what the reason is. And then we'll go on with other types of fruit and slowly we will introduce vegetables as well as baby rice and similar things. Stay tuned for more! 


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  1. E' adorabile anche mentre mangia! Amore della zia!