Saturday, 19 January 2013

A big chair for a big girl

Normally, in the UK doctors recommend starting weaning when the baby is six months. Emilia, however, is a big girl and seems to be getting bored with her milk. So, since both our Italian pediatrician and Bernie gave us the green light, we have prepared to move on to the next step. After a bit of online research we found a cute highchair that was both nice to the eye and the purse. We went for the Hoppop Trono Highchair in white and pink. Isn't it cute? It also goes well with our furniture in the main room, which is where we will keep it for now. 

On one of my recent (and rare!) days out I also bought Emilia's very first bowl (bright pink, of course!) and spoon. While today Rob came back from his food shopping trip with a pack of Peppa Pig *muddy puddle* cupcakes kit. Of course Emilia won't be able to eat them nor enjoy baking them with us but she did like looking at the picture on the box. 

And when we put her in the chair she looked absolutely comfortable. I love how chilled and relaxed she is; look at that arm?! She is showing that she can sit properly like a big girl...well, with the back support, of course! Now, we are just waiting for Annabelle food masher and bowl and we are ready to go. We will start with pear. We'll keep you posted!


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  1. La piccola principessa sul trono! Troppo carino ... a quanto vedo anche un seggiolone, scelto con gusto, puo' essere fashion!