Friday, 7 December 2012

We made it. We are in Italia!

Today I am writing from my parents' house. I can't believe we are in Italy! I had been waiting for this moment since we booked the flights and was so excited to take Emilia to my motherland for the first time.

So, here is a little account of our adventure yesterday. Rob and I only managed to go to bed around 1.00am after we packed everything, Bugaboo included, and checked that we had all the documents needed. Emilia woke up at 3.45am and you can imagine how tired and sleepy we were. But, it was time to wake up for our flight anyway. So, we fed and dressed her and then took care of ourselves. The taxi came to pick us up at 6.00am and drove us all the way to Stansted Airport. This was a great idea, it made the trip so much easier. Emilia slept the whole ride and Rob and I were able to close our eyes and rest a bit. Once at the airport we checked in very quickly and then fed Emilia.

The airport was basically empty and it took us no time to check in and go through security. Meanwhile, we decided to check in the pram too, and I carried Emilia in our baby carrier, which turned out to be VERY useful (thanks Ila and Cri!).

Emilia was very calm and attracted by the novelty. She kept looking around and loved being in a new environment. I even had time to have a nice breakfast! We then moved to the gate and boarded very quicly. Again, we were shocked at how smooth everything went. Once on the plane and ready to take off, we started feeding Emilia again and she was so happy to eat that didn't realise what was going on. The first half hour I had to get up and walk with her a little, but other than that, she was an angel! We arrived in Pescara a few minutes early and of course my mum, dad, and grandmum were waiting for us.

My dad even took a picture of the plane we were on for future memories (in the end, it was Emilia's first flight, something to remember!).

It was great to see them. Emilia loved the car ride and once home started exploring her surroundings. My mum has made an amazing Christmas tree in Emilia's honour this year (pictures to come) and Emilia was in heaven with all the colours, the glitter and the lights. In the afternoon Emilia got the first visits from Ila and Cristian and uncles Max and Luciano joined us for dinner. And then, after a day of travelling and entertaining friends and relatives, Emilia fell asleep like a little angel in what used to be my crib.

She is enjoying the new environment and is loving all the attention. This morning she had her first ride on the swing...and loved it! Thanks Emilia for making everything so easy on us. We love you!

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