Saturday, 24 November 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

One of the nicest things about being with an American guy, living in England, and hanging out with many friends from all over the world is that I get to know and celebrate lots of otherwise unknown holidays. And you know how much I love holidays! Any excuse is good to be merry.

Rob and I have been throwing a little Thanksgiving dinner party since he came back to London about seven years ago, and every year we get better and better, I think. We always order a fresh turkey from Borough Market and plan our menu very well in advance. For the last four years my good friends Ilaria and Cristian have also been traveling from Italy to London for the occasion, and we have loads of fun cooking and decorating the flat all together. This year we also had to look after baby Emilia while taking care of all the rest; it was a bit of a challenge but we are a great team and by 7pm Emilia was exhausted for all the *hard* work :) She fell asleep at 8.15pm and didn't wake up until 2am.

Here are some pics of this year's celebration. Enjoy!
My Italian friends Ila and Cristian who always fly in to help out with the cooking!
Rob pretending to be cooking!
Cooking and babysitting
The table decorations
The food: mac and cheese, pumpkin risotto, mash potatoes, carrots&mint, green beans with balsamic vinegar, gratin broccoli and cherry tomatoes focaccia. All homemade!
The guests
Drinks station
The star of the night
Lighting the sparkler

Thanksgiving quiz and prizes
Playing Thanksgiving quiz

Flowers arrangement
Hand-stamped eco-forks. Of course, pink and orange!

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