Friday, 9 November 2012

R is for Routine

At our eight-week check last week our health visitor told us to start working on a routine for Emilia. She mostly meant bathing her every night around 7.30pm, feeding her soon after and then putting her down to sleep. This would have the huge benefit of giving us a few hours of time in the evening to enjoy dinner together, have an adult conversation, and perhaps even watch a movie. Well, it all sounded great in theory but I don't mind admitting that Rob and I were very skeptical when we left the baby clinic. Then my mum arrived and we realised that we were just not trying hard enough. Routine is indeed possible. 

My mum has introduced the concept of routine to Emilia who now naps a good hour in the morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon and for the last three/four days she has fallen asleep around 7.30-8.00pm and slept tight all the way to 2.30-3.00am and a night even till 5am! Fingers crossed we are on the right track! 

Here are two videos of Emilia after her morning naps. I hope you enjoy them.


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