Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A passport for Emilia: part 2

If you follow this blog, you already know what happened in part 1 of this chapter.

So, yesterday morning, Rob, Emilia and I visited the UK passport office for the second time. The night before we double checked again that we had all the documentation needed and hoped for the best. Last time they rejected our photos (as they were too bright) and also asked Rob to leave his passport for verification but since he had to fly to NYC we couldn't proceed with the application. Now, I am afraid to say that there will be a part 3 of this chapter. Unfortunately, we didn't come home with a successful application. I am sure you are wondering what the problem was this time? Well, they rejected our photos one more time. The interesting thing is that they do say that they are very flexible for baby's photos passports as they understand the difficulty in getting the pictures right. Wow, flexibility must have a different meaning in this office! Anyhow, Rob and I were not happy about the news and insisted as much as we could that they approved the application. In the end the girl at the till was tired of us, I think, and wanted to go on with her day, and that's probably why she accepted the pictures. However, she doesn't have the final say in the process, so we will see what happens next. The pictures will have to be scanned and we can only pray that they scan well, otherwise, they will contact us to send new pictures in and that will slow the process down incredibly. I don't mind saying that I got a bit stressed by all this, let's just hope we have a passport, from whatever Country, by December 6th. I need to go home.

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