Sunday, 18 November 2012

11 weeks

Today Emilia is 11 weeks old! Not long before we celebrate her third month of life. 

This week has marked several milestones. Emilia smiles on a regular basis now and makes different noises in an effort to communicate with us. This morning I watched her *talk* with her bear, which was too cute. She desperately wants to interact with us, which means playtime is always on. Boy it can be tiring! She already has loads of toys but I went out this afternoon to do some shopping and came back with a lovely cat-rattle which she fell in love with straight away. Pictures to come. 
But I suppose the most important achievement of the week is that now Emilia goes to bed regularly every night at 8pm and stays asleep until at least 2am if not longer. Our evenings have become much more relaxed and pleasant now that we can enjoy dinner together, watch tv, talk and even bake! 

Here are two recent pictures of Emilia:

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