Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Meeting My Babysitter

Today for the first time we left Emilia with a stranger. Ok, our babysitter is not a complete stranger, we have known her for a year now but she had never been with Emilia before and when it comes to your baby, unless it's family or close friends, everybody else falls into the *stranger* category because all of a sudden you don't trust anybody anymore! Yesterday I had to make an emergency appointment with my doctor since there were a few things I needed to discuss with her. Nothing too serious, don't worry, but nonetheless I needed medical advice. So, when I called I was very surprised they were able to give me an appointment for today afternoon at 3.50; apparently there was a cancellation, usually it takes weeks to make an appointment! When I told Rob and asked if he could come home and watch Emilia for an hour while I was at the doctor he told me that unfortunately he had a meeting he had to attend at 4.00. As we have no family in London and all our friends work the only option was to call our future baby sitter. We have found the right baby sitter a while ago but she won't officially start working until February when I'll go back to work. Of course, we planned to call her from time to time before February if we wanted to have a date night, had to run some errands or simply needed some time away from the baby (sometimes it's exhausting to be 24 hours with a baby, don't you think??!) but we didn't think we would have to contact her so soon. Thankfully, she was available and said yes. So this afternoon Emilia was at home with her baby sitter from 3.00 to 4.30. Surprisingly I was quite relaxed and had no panic leaving my baby. It's a good sign. 

I took this video before leaving. And then Emilia fell asleep and slept the whole time she was at home with the babysitter. Of course! She woke up just in time for mummy :) 

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  1. Con quella faccia lì ero sicura non avrebbe avuto problemi con la Baby sitter!
    Fossi lì avresti sempre a disposizione me come baby-sitter...conserverò i permessi 'Ziali' per quando sarete qui a dicembre!!!