Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today Emilia has celebrated her first Halloween! Originally, we were set to go to an Halloween Festival in Greenwich but unfortunately we were given three appointments with the doctor for today afternoon, so we had to cancel our plans. Emilia is very little so perhaps she would have not appreciated all the Halloween costumes and games, but still, it would have been fun for us. Even if we didn't have anywhere to go to celebrate the holiday, we still decided to dress her up and take a stroll in our area. It was quite tough to find an outfit for a two-month old baby, everything was so big. After a bit of online research, Rob and I were undecided among the following costumes: lady bug, strawberry, owl and spider. In the end, we opted for the lady bug, we thought it was the cutest one. The costume is 0-6 months, so still a bit big for Emilia but we think she looks adorable anyway :)

The morning was a happy morning, the afternoon not so much. As I mentioned above, we had to go to our baby clinic where Emilia was first weighed (she is now 5.31kg! - she is growing well!), checked by the health visitor and then received her 5 in 1 immunisation, which she didn't like. It was so painful to watch her crying. Emilia was peacefully sleeping when the nurse asked me to take her leggings off and put the first needle in. At first Emilia didn't really react, I suppose she was in deep sleep, but when the second needle touched her leg, she realised what was going on and started screaming and crying. For the first time I saw real and big tears coming out of her eyes. 
Since we got home she has been a bit grumpy and we can see that she is in pain. Oh I wish I could have taken the needles for her! 

Happy Halloween everyone, and for our friends in the east coast of the United States, stay warm and safe!

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