Monday, 1 October 2012

Dads on duty!

Yesterday we had a visit from our good friends Andrew, Steph and their lovely baby Juliette. It was very nice to see them all and I loved having another baby in the house. 
This was the first time Juliette and Emilia met and I loved how they interacted with each other. Of course, Emilia is still too little to understand what was going on but she behaved very well and really enjoyed having company. Rob and I were a bit concerned at first since she has been colicky for a couple of weeks now and when she is in pain, she is not easy to deal with. We didn't want to scare baby Juliette! Thankfully though, she was very good the whole time they were here. Of course, as soon as our friends left the colic kicked in and Emilia started screaming and crying for hours...but at least, she let us all have a good time! 

Both Rob and Andrew are amazing fathers. Despite the fact that they were watching football, they still helped out with the babies! Way to go boys, way to go!

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