Sunday, 30 September 2012

A couple of days ago we received another package from our good friends Anya and Christian. I love receiving packages (who doesn't??!) and I love receiving packages from Anya. Her gifts are always so nicely packaged, it's an absolute pleasure to open them up! 

Remember when she sent me the pink package? This time the colour theme was purple. Inside the little packet there were lots of treats for mama Vale, different kinds of teas and chocolate all in purple and lilac packaging, and two lovely linens for Emilia. The linens are from a modern and beautiful Danish brand, Sebra. I discovered this brand only a couple of months ago; I absolutely love their cribs, too bad I had already ordered the Stokke before I found out about this brand!

Mums out there, if you don't know Sebra, check it out! There are so many cool things for your little ones.

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