Sunday, 16 September 2012

Two weeks later

It's hard to believe it has been two weeks already...

After such a long pregnancy and what felt like an even longer labour, it's unbelievable how fast the last two weeks went by. Once Emilia was out, time has really started to fly. We have enjoyed every single minute of our new life, even the diaper changing (and let me tell you, this baby poops a lot!) , the crying, and the sleepless nights. She can cry, scream, be up all day, fight you but we still melt when we look at her. I guess this is what they call parenthood. 

Several important things have happened in Emilia's second week of life. First of all, she took her first bath and I am happy to say she seems to really enjoy the water. We put her in her little bath tub and bathed her while she peacefully looked at us. 

Emilia also had her first check from the health visitor, Bernadette. We all loved Bernadette, she is such a lovely lady and we are happy to have her on board until Emilia turns one. She visited Emilia for over an hour, she checked pretty much everything and it all looks good. Emilia now weighs 3.91 kg (birth weight was 3.6 kg)! She is such a little ball and is always hungry. Bless her. 

We also enjoyed visits from friends which means lots of gifts and cuddles. Lucia, Elena, Alessandro, Angela, Ilaria and Cristian: thank you all for your love!

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