Saturday, 1 September 2012

Final (!?) Gain

While the pregnancy is still rolling, I reflect a bit on what has been going on in the last few months...

It has been interesting to see how pregnancy is treated in different countries. Being Italian I get a lot of information from my fellow Italians who have already given birth in Italy. Also, being married with an American guy and having quite a few American friends, I receive details about antenatal care in the US too. Moreover, all my international friends fill me in with what happens in their countries. One interesting difference is the way pregnancy gain is treated in each Country. While doctors and people in general in Italy are quite obsessed with how much weight you gain during these nine months, I have only been weighted once in this Country, right at the beginning of the pregnancy, back when my weight was still 53 kg. However, I still weighted myself every now and then at home, out of curiosity. The first four months I didn't gain any weight, in fact, I lost three kilos. remember all the sickness? That's why. But from the fifth month I started putting on weight rapidly. Until the eight month I was quite in shape with a total gain of about 9 kilos, if I remember correctly. Then something happened. First of all, our home scale broke, so I stopped weighing myself as it wasn't reliable anymore. Then, I started gaining several kilos in a week or so. Everybody tells me that you can't really see it, that in person I only have a very big, round belly, and that from behind nobody would guess I am pregnant. But I can see I am bigger. My legs are definitely bigger, although, according to my mum and dad they are better now (they think my *normal* legs are too skinny, otherwise) and my face is certainly a bit rounder too. Anyway, I weighted myself one more time at the doctor and it looks like my current, and hopefully final!, gain is....14.5 kilos! Can you believe it? I can't. One thing for sure though is that this belly is starting to be heavy! I am starting to have problems sleeping (I know, I can't complain, I have been sleeping fine until week 40, so I feel quite blessed), I am bored of the same position and my back hurts.

Speaking of which, I have some updates on labour signs: I now have backache, menstrual cramps and it looks like I have started to loose my mucus plug, or at least I hope that's what it is! Sorry, I don't mean to be gross but many of you have been asking...
Now, these are only signs and it can still take quite some time for me to go into labour. But something is happening. 

While I am growing rather impatient now, I still try to live my life normally. I took a nice stroll with my parents yesterday afternoon and even made a two-course dinner for them and Rob last night, and apparently it was delicious! As usual, I'll keep you posted and thanks so much for all your messages, I am overwhelmed by all your love.

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