Saturday, 21 July 2012

London Baby Shower

Today was the day of my London baby shower and what a day that was. I had such an amazing time.

I had been looking forward to today since the moment Natalie set a date for my baby shower but when my Italian baby shower got cancelled (oh well, postponed) for the reasons you already know, I got even more and more excited about this London do. So this morning I woke up and after a lovely breakfast with Rob I got ready. I tried a couple of outfits on and finally went with this one. I wanted something sweet and with pink touches, of course! So I picked a blue dress and pink accessories, shoes, cardi and bracelet.

When my girlfriends saw me they were all kind of shocked at how big I am. The bump keeps growing and growing, I wonder if Baby O will be a big baby or this is just a fake :)  One thing for sure I hope to get my body back as soon as possible after the big event. 

The baby shower was simply amazing. We ate lovely food, chatted as only good friends can, had fun playing a game, opened gifts and took a stroll around Barnes. 

Natalie organised such a fun game. She printed photos of famous people when they were babies/kids and we all had to guess who they were. Some were very easy but others took some time to identify. It was so much fun! 

And after playing the game, Baby O and mama had the most fun opening the gifts! Look at all the wonderful things we got: a Dior milk bottle with its case (how chic is this??!!), sleepsuits with union jacks and tea-cups, stickers to mark every month birthday, a clay baby prints kit, cardigans and a super sweet pink and blue dress. Also, my lovely friends brought gifts for my recent birthday; I got a mother-to-be set of organic body products and a book of the best tea houses in London. My girlfriends and I have already decided to use this book to start a new series of monthly afternoon teas around London. I can't wait! I feel so fortunate to live in a cool city like London and most of all to have such amazing friends.

To thank my girlfriends I made little thank you bags with white, pink and black cupcake cases. And ladies, if you are reading this: Thanks again for such an amazing day, you are the best! 


  1. So glad you had a good time!! I love having you girls over. Can't wait for baby o to arrive. xoxo

  2. What a great day! So glad you had fun! Wait until you can put all those things on Baby Girl!

  3. What a lovely day, it was really fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it. did an amazing job as always!
    Hope to see Baby O first thing after I'm back from holidays!