Sunday, 22 July 2012

Baby O's Birthday Poll Closed

So, the poll is now closed! 
The following days have been guessed, I wonder if any of us got it right. Make sure you remember which day you picked, as I said, there will be gifts for the winner(s)!

I am so excited for Baby O to finally be with us, the sooner, the better!

August 7 (2 votes)
August 10 (1 vote)
August 16 (1 vote)
August 17 (3 votes)
August 19 (1 vote)
August 20 (1 vote)
August 25 (1 vote)
August 27 (2 votes)
August 28 (1 vote)
August 29 (2 votes)
August 30 (1 vote)
August 31 (2 votes)
September 1 (2 votes)
September 2 (1 vote)
September 4 (2 votes)
September 5 (1 vote)

At the antenatal class I learned that if you are overdue, you will be booked for an induction at 41 weeks + 5 days. So, technically, Baby O could be as late as the 10th of September. If that will be the case (and I seriously hope NOT!), there will be another poll.

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