Monday, 25 June 2012

One year as Mr and Mrs

On April-1-2011 Rob and I promised eternal love to each other in a small town-hall in South London in front of the registrar, a witness, and two good friends.We joked it was an April fool.

Vale & Rob | Civil Cerimony from Colors Design Studio on Vimeo.

A couple of months later, on June-25-2011 we confirmed our promise in church in Italy in front of our beloved family and friends. That day was magical for us.

Today, we celebrate our first wedding anniversary. A full year of happiness.
The day has started with a yummy breakfast. I made chocolate croissants and cappuccino. It was the first time I tried to make croissants, and thankfully, they turned out rather good. I was pleased and Rob really enjoyed them.

Rob and I had extensively talked about the anniversary and how we wanted to celebrate. We had to change plans a couple of times. Originally, way before I got pregnant, we had decided to go to Santorini. Remember we were undecided whether to go to Santorini, Greece, or New Zealand for our honeymoon? We picked New Zealand in the end because we thought it would be more special for the occasion, and therefore decided to leave Santorini for our first wedding anniversary get-away. Then, back from New Zealand, I got pregnant and with time we realised that going to Greece at the end of June may have not been a very wise option. We looked at alternatives and we warmed up to the idea of celebrating on the English coast, in Brighton. However, traveling is getting a bit harder for me these days and given that we will (hopefully!) be going to Italy in a couple of weeks, we thought it may be more sensible not to stress my body and baby O too much. So, we will celebrate in London instead. Tonight I am taking Rob to the theatre to see Shrek The Musical. We love the movies and the soundtrack and I thought it would be cute. Baby O will enjoy it too, I am sure. And then Rob is taking me out for dinner tomorrow evening. Details to come. 

So, given that we both organised something for the two evenings, we agreed that we would not exchange gifts. The musical and a nice meal out would be our gifts to each other. But then Rob surprised me this morning...after breakfast he asked me to sit on the couch and close my eyes and when I opened them, this was sitting next to me:

Inside, the iconic Speedy 35. In the weekend we will go back to the store to have my initials added. Which colour(s) should I choose? I was thinking yellow...

Today, I am an explosion of joy!

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