Thursday, 3 May 2012

A wardrobe for Baby O

Baby O's collection of clothes grows day by day. I know I should try to control myself, but how can I? There are so many beautiful things out there to tempt me and let's face it, I am easy to tempt! For now I have been storing all her little clothes in big bags that I keep in my bedroom, in a corner. However, it is becoming a matter of urgency to buy some sort of wardrobe where to start storing the baby's stuff in a more organised way. The storing situation in our two bedroom flat is the following:
1. In our bedroom we have a decent size closet, a chest of drawers and a bookshelf where we keep accessories (e.g. belts, scarves, hats) nicely stored in Japanese baskets and vintage trunks. 
2. In the second bedroom we have a decent size wardrobe, full of Rob's hundreds of button-down shirts and, emm, my bags
3. In the hall we have a good size closet where we keep all our jackets and coats, together with Rob's shoes

Now, since we have decided to keep the second bedroom as a guest room, at least for a few months, we are not going to reorganise that wardrobe. And there is absolutely no space in the closets, chest of drawers or bookshelf for Baby O's stuff. We need a new piece of furniture, you would say...well, yes, but there isn't much space in our bedroom where we could fit another wardrobe either! The troubles of living in central London. The only space I can think of, that could turn out useful is between the end of our bed and the wall, next to the chest of drawers. Here I can fit a nice size bookshelf but not a chest of drawers or wardrobe as there would not be enough space to open the drawers or the wardrobe doors. What a pickle! I have been looking for nice bookshelves that wouldn't ruin the aesthetics of the bedroom but I haven't been able to find much. Also, my mum is telling me that I really shouldn't expose the baby's clothes too much, what about all the dust!?! As if our flat were full of dust! Let's not forget I am allergic to dust, so if it was so dusty, I would notice. Anyhow, I have been looking for alternatives. I have just found this unit on Argos that may work. There are no cabinet doors nor drawers that would be in the way, only shelves, and with roll up front and tie fastenings I will be able to store Baby O's clothes in a smart and clean way. The unit is not beautiful, I know, but perhaps for once I should try to be more practical. I would still buy nice baskets, boxes and trunks to store the clothes, so perhaps I can make it look better. What do you think? Of course, any suggestion is very welcome!

And in case you are curious, the latest additions to Baby O's collection of clothes are from Joules:


  1. Could you paint the furniture?

  2. That's a very good idea! You are right, it would definitely look nicer! Thanks.