Tuesday, 22 May 2012

To Buy List

Yesterday Rob and I sat down and drew a list of essential, big things that we need to buy for baby O. So far I have been buying mostly clothes and little accessories, but it's now time to get down to business and start with the real stuff. 

So, here is our list of essentials for the first few months. We are talking about medium-to-big stuff, we haven't included things like nappies, for example; we know we will have to buy plenty of those! Please have a look and tell us if we need more.

So, what's the situation as of today:
1. COT: We are pretty set on buying the Stokke. I love the grey option with the white bedlinen and canopy. Now we just need to take a big breath, make the order, and pay! :)
2. PRAM (or Stroller, for the Americans): This will be my mum's personal gift to the baby. Phew, one big expense avoided! Thanks mum. I know we want the Bugaboo Cameleon, I have known this since the very moment the Bugaboo made its appearance in London. We just need to agree on the colour combination. I am thinking dark grey base and limited edition soft pink cot. But we want to check the new jade green as well as Rob is not too keen on the pink.
3. CHANGING TABLE: As we are trying to fit this into one of the two bathrooms, we are a bit limited. Most changing tables available are too big. However, if you search, you find. This one, for example, is lovely and would fit in our en-suite bathroom. The problem? A bit pricey. But I am thinking...once the baby doesn't need changing anymore (hopefully soon!), we can remove the mattress and use it as a nice storage table in the bathroom. 

4. WARDROBE: Done! Yesterday evening I ordered the unit I mentioned before. Not amazing, but practical. And I found it with a grey linen, instead of cream, which I like better. I also ordered fabric and leather grey boxes, as well as a couple of white baskets, and a set of glittery pink and lilac baby hangers. We are ready to store all Baby O's clothes!
5. CAR SEAT: This is Rob's job. We don't have a car in London but as we will need to use the cab from time to time (especially to go back home from the hospital!), we figured it would be good to buy one. I saw a sweet one in black and white polka-dots from Mamas and Papas and kindly passed the info to Rob. However, this is his project...we will see what he finds.
6. BOUNCER CHAIR: My biggest enemy. I am still not able to find one that I like. Most bouncers are very colourful and with lots of toys and other things hanging. I'd like something a bit more discrete but still sweet. Will keep looking.
7. BATH TUB: Found one shaped like a duck (less cheesy than you'd think, believe me!) which I love but it won't be good for the first few months. So, what do we do at the beginning? Just use the toilet sink?
8. NAPPY DISPOSAL SYSTEM: Evaluating different brands but we definitely want one!
9. BABY CARRIER: I think we will go with the Baba Sling, but we are still deciding.
10. CHANGING BAG: Still to look into this. For those who know me well, I like bags. So I may take my time here to look for a fashionable, but still functional, one :)
14. ELECTRONIC BABY SCALE: Not even sure we need one. In Italy the doctor makes you weight your baby multiple times a day, before and after she has been fed. Here nobody has mentioned the scale. I'll investigate.

This should be it for now, I hope! We are aware that with time we will need other big items, such as a high chair and a play mat, but for now we should be able to survive and provide Baby O with all she needs. Right?

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