Friday, 9 December 2011

Office Xmas Do

Yesterday we had our office Xmas do, and what an evening that was! We made (and drank!) cocktails, cooked (and ate!) many Italian antipasti, and enjoyed a delicious three course meal in a lovely Italian Restaurant in Marylebone Lane. It was a lovely way to celebrate Xmas with my colleagues and we all had such a fun time. Below are some pictures and videos that capture some of the moments of the evening.

The gang entering the Italian Cookery School
Wondering what we have to do
Putting plastic aprons with names on
Our chef, Stefano, gives us instructions. And boy he was intimidating!
Hands On

The cocktail table was  by far the most crowded one! :)

The most suspenseful part of the evening was the flipping of the frittata. But our boys did a great job!

Time to try our drinks and antipasti
Dinner Time. we are all stuffed!
The only Bulgari thing I can afford :)
No expenses spared!
Overall, we had a blast. Thanks very much to everyone, and in particular Sheila and Anna for organising such a great evening!

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