Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fashion Night Out

In London there is always something to do and as long as you have got good company to enjoy the city with, you are going to have a pretty fun life! My friend Natalie from nhReprise asked me if I wanted to join her tonight to a walk down to fashionable Bond Street for London Fashion Night Out and I am so glad she did! We had so much fun! We met right after work at De Beers and started our ascending walk from there. Bond street was more glamorous than ever. All the shops were open and shining and crowded with beautiful people. So many gorgeous models were wandering around and there was such a great atmosphere. Each shop organised something special and we really enjoyed all the freebies. My favourite shops of the street were Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Tiffany.

At the entrance of the Louis Vuitton megastore were three models dressed like French maids and holding balloon dogs on a leash, it was such a great way to welcome people in!

Natalie and I were offered a sweet lemonade and wandered around the shop. I saw so many beautiful things to add to my wish list! The shop was super glittery, I loved it.

Inside the Mulberry shop there were make-up artists and beauticians painting nails and faces. I would have loved to have a mini and glittery Mulberry tree painted on my cheek but the queue was way too long. Despite the crowd, I still enjoyed walking around the shop, looking at all those beautiful handbags and luckily I was able to grab a goody bag before leaving, and so did Natalie. The Mulberry tote bag is in itself beautiful but we got even more excited about its content. Inside the bag were a cool fox mask, which we wore right away, Mulberry animals stickers, a Clarins lotion and bright pink nail wrappers.

Our last stop was Tiffany. We were attracted in by disco balls hanging from the ceilings and catchy music, not to mention the flower arrangements that reminded me so much of our wedding's. 

In almost every shop there was a photobooth and they all got pretty creative: we saw a London cab at Dior, NYC yellow cabs at DKNY, red carpet style at Jimmy Choo, and a fairy tale inspired photobooth at Mulberry. At Tiffany a long queue of people were waiting to get into a silver, glittery photobooth to have Andy Warhol style pictures taken. Natalie and I decided to join the queue and I am so happy we did. The pictures turned out very cool and while waiting we were served delicious mini hamburgers and lovely cones of popcorn with Tiffany-blue sugar melted on top!

Such a great evening! Thank you Natalie, and thank you Vogue and thank you London! I'll be back next year!

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  1. I had such a good time! I LOVE our photobooth picture. We need to go to more events with photobooths. ;) xx