Monday, 18 July 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

It was my birthday on Sunday and for the first time in 32 years I had not organised a party of any sort. 

I have celebrated every single year with members of family and friends since I turned one. This year, however, after the big wedding, I didn't feel to plan anything else. So Rob took over and organised a wonderful weekend celebration for the two of us.
Friday after work we viewed a couple of flats in Chelsea and as you'd expect we got frustrated. So instead of going home straight away we headed to Nandos, to cheer ourselves up! We had our chicken and sides and went home happy. The celebration then began. Rob had bought these lovely little treats that we enjoyed as our dessert

I chose the pink one and Rob had the blue with the glittery winged heart. We watched a movie and then at midnight Rob gave me his first gift: tickets to Mamma Mia! We had been talking about going for quite a while but we never had the chance to do it. We are not too big on musicals, to be honest, but we really liked the movie and love Abba songs. So I really thought it was a lovely gift and a nice way to celebrate. 

On Saturday morning we viewed another flat, this time in Shad Thames, an area we absolutely adore and for a change the flat was actually beautiful. It ticks all the boxes, it's just a little bit too far from the tube station and that's why we are still not completely sure. The thing that really makes the flat amazing is its private pontoon overlooking the property's Japanese water gardens. Dreamy. 
We then headed to Covent Garden, had a lovely meal and right after lunch when I was enjoying my daily dose of espresso, Rob gave me his second gift: a black 3G ipad! I was so thrilled!  How cool of a gift is that?? 
It was then time to hit the theatre. Mamma Mia is shown in the very heart of Leicester Square, an area I am not too fond of. There are way too many tourists and it's just so cheesy there. To make things  worse, it started raining while we were walking to the theatre. Oh well, in perfect British summer style, I guess. 
The musical was ok but Rob and I agreed that the movie is actually better. I know, it's strange, usually it's the opposite, isn't it? It's inevitable to compare the famous and super charismatic actors (e.g. Meril Streep) and their performance with the theatre crew. They were good, don't get me wrong, but not amazing, in my opinion. Plus, the movie was filmed in Greece, how do you top that in a small theatre in the heart of London? 

The celebration continued. Saturday evening Rob cooked for me. He made smoky bbq fajitas and they were absolutely delicious. I had four!
And finally Sunday, my real birthday. Rob booked a table for lunch at the ever so cool Nobu. We tried different things and they were all very good, especially the lobster and prawn salad. Oh my! I am still thinking about it.
Back home I received some other gifts: a huge bunch of flowers and this cute Orla Kiely dress from my in-laws and another sweet card and lovely Paul Smith socks from my husband. 
No birthday is a real birthday without a cake and Rob took care of it. He chose a super indulgent and rich Belgian chocolate cake which we devoured. And yes, I did blow the candle!

Thanks so much my love for taking the time to organise all these sweet things for me! It truly was a wonderful birthday.

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