Saturday, 26 March 2011

A meal NOT for a bride-to-be

I was hoping in a sunnier day today to stroll around the Southbank, cross the Millennium Bridge, walk around St. Paul's and then make it to a newish shopping centre, One New Change, that my friend Natalie mentioned to me just a couple of days ago. Instead, it was a quite gloomy and chilly day. This means that I haven't taken any of the pictures I planned to take. Next time. 

We originally intended to have lunch at Barbecoa, Jamie Oliver and American chef Adam Perry Lang's restaurant. However, on our way to Barbecoa we were attracted by a sleek burger place, Byron, and deviated there.
After a quick glance at the menu, I opted for a classic cheese burger and courgette fries. Both were delicious, although a bit greasy and heavy.
While devouring my meal, a weird thought hit my mind... as you know by now, if you read this blog, I am getting married in less than three months. I know girls who are getting married in Summer 2012 and are already starving themselves. My guests are on diet. So why on earth am I not concerned about what I eat one tiny bit? I may not put on weight but my skin gets heavily affected by greasy and fried food. In fact, I have a huge pimple on my cheek right now. Why am I not stressing over my weight and look? They say that brides loose a lot of weight in the months before the wedding, I can't say I am experiencing this phenomenon at all. Is it because I am relaxed about it? In fact, am I too relaxed you think? Should I "care" a bit more?
My dress doesn't allow any blemish, it's all silk and it's very thin. And if I won 't be wearing make-up (see previous post), I really cannot afford to have pimples on my face. I may need to add *bride's look* on the list of things to take care of until June 25th :)

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