Monday, 21 March 2011

Make-Up Disaster

They say brides should wear make-up and in all fairness, I have never seen a bride without make-up. 

I am thirty-one years old and I can say I have almost never worn make-up in my life. I may have applied the occasional eye-shadow in Summer every now and then but nothing major. Oddly, the only thing that I feel comfortable with is red lipstick. So, for me, wearing make-up on my wedding day is threatening, to say the least! Last week I had an appointment with a make-up artist and let me tell you it was a disaster. I explained to the girl that I don't usually wear make-up and most importantly that I don't like make-up. She understood and assured me that she would not mess my face up with a lot of products. She applied foundation and corrector first and then she started working on my eyes. Every now and then she would tell me what she was doing and my friend Ilaria diligently checked her work. Once done she gave me a mirror and that's when I screamed! I couldn't recognise myself. The eye pencil made my eyes look smaller, to me at least, and the whole face expression was different. I didn't like it one bit and I was quite vocal about it. 

What should I do? Can I really avoid to wear make-up on my wedding day?

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