Thursday, 3 March 2011

Manicure: A Five Minute Job

Last Saturday Rob and I decided to do some window shopping in our area, although, as you can image, window shopping is never window shopping with me, I always end up buying something, just to feel that it was worth the trip. At some point, we decided to check House of Fraser at Monument and as soon as we entered, a dark suited guy apporached me and asked: "Do you keep your nails natural"? I immediately got very concerned about how my nails looked, "he must have noticed that I bite my nails and cuticles," I thought. So, I laughed and answered affirmatively. He immediately grabbed my hand and started filing my nails. I was about to ask him to stop when I saw how shiny the nails were. I was impressed. So, I allowed him some extra minutes to talk me through the Gadi 21 Minerals Kit, while Rob started rolling his eyes, he knew what would happen next. Long story short, yes, I did buy the kit; in fact, Rob bought it for me. 
I have tried the kit at home a couple of days ago for the first time and it's magic: five minutes and you'll have amazing nails and hands. Perfect for me: I don't have time to get my nails done professionally and I don't have the patience to do a decent job on my own at home. This kit is just what I needed: natural but beautiful and healthy nails, you don't even need to apply nail polish, isn't it wonderful!?!

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