Sunday, 6 March 2011

Honeymoon Dilemma

Rob and I are facing a serious *honeymoon-destination-crisis*. We have been discussing quite a lot about our dream honeymoon destination over the last few weeks, however, we haven't reached a conclusion yet. In fact, we seem more confused now than a month ago. When we first started looking at honeymoon destinations, neither of us had a specific destination in mind; we both wanted a nice location, a place where neither of us had been before and most importantly safe. We originally said "No Europe, No America", simply because we think we would have other occasions to visit these Countries. When the search began, it proved to be quite complicated to find a safe place in this world. Shame. So we found ourselves looking at Australia, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands. After a quick chat with a tour operator, we agreed that Australia wasn't perhaps the right choice for us. Too big to visit in just two weeks. We then opted for a mixture of relaxation and adventure in the Fiji Islands and New Zealand. Not wanting to stress ourselves too much, we then decided to consider New Zealand and New Zealand only. So we settled on two full weeks in New Zealand with a stop over in Los Angeles. Our tour operator worked on a provisional itinerary for us, made a couple of changes to accommodate our requests and then sent it to us. The itinerary is just lovely. However, Rob and I are now having second thoughts about New Zealand all together. It's a very long flight, there will be quite a bit of traveling involved in the two weeks we'll be there, we will need to wait at least until the end of October to wait for Spring/Summer time there (we get married in June!) and it's very expensive. We don't know what to do. We have spent the whole day thinking of options and let me tell you, it's not an easy task to find a place we both agree to visit.

Santorini, Greece, seems to be an exception. We both love it. Santorini has been on my list of places to visit for quite a while and I am surprised I haven't been before. I have been to Greece several times but I have never made it to the Cyclades. I know we said "No Europe" but we could reconsider that...

We have found an amazing boutique hotel, Grace Santorini, that looks exactly like what we are after. What do you think we should do? Two weeks in New Zealand at the end of October/beginning of November or ten days in Santorini (+ other small islands) in July? Otherwise, what else would you suggest?


  1. I obviously vote for NZ but I definitely think the distance traveled should play a big part in your decision. The mister and I paid an absolute fortune on flights - money that we could have put towards pampering ourselves. Still, not complaining about a trip to Fiji. :) Can't wait to hear what you decide!

  2. Natalie is right ... New Zeland is the best, a dreamland for an unforgettable honeymoon...