Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Tourist in London

I absolutely love acting as a tourist in London! Since I live here, I don't really get to experience all the wonderful hotels that the city has to offer, so every year I very much look forward to the end of January when Rob organises a big conference with his company and he always gets a room in the hotel they are staying. And usually, they pick very nice hotels. So far we spent the night at Claridges and the Radisson Mayfair, both very lovely options. This year they had picked the Intercontinental Park Lane and let me tell you, I was a bit disappointed. Of course I am not complaining, I didn't spend one penny to stay there but if I did, I think I would have been a bit upset. While the hall is quite welcoming and nice, with lovely chandeliers, nice sofa chairs and beautiful and modern flower arrangements everywhere,

the rooms are outdated to say the least. Mustard carpet and peach and cream striped wall-papers, thick yellow and red curtains, heavy furniture...seriously? It's nice to have a great entrance to welcome guests but it's even nicer if the upper floors and the rooms are lovely too!

Anyway, I had a very nice evening nontheless. My friend Elena joined me to the hotel at about 6.30pm, we chatted in the room for a little while and then we headed to Automat for dinner.

We kicked off with a yummy Cosmopolitan and then enjoyed some very good American food (i.e. Crab Cake with Guacamole as a starter and a great cheesburger with even better fries!). After dinner we went back to the hotel and enjoyed a cup of peppermint tea and talked and talked like only women can do! I felt on holiday for one evening and I truly enjoyed it!

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  1. Thank you for the evening Vale, i really enjoyed it