Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thank you!

A *huge* thank you to all the people who contacted me the days following the tragedy. You REALLY touched me!

As many of you know, on Monday the 6th, at 3.32am, while the country was sleeping peacefully, my region, Abruzzo, was attacked by a massive earthquake. My parents, grandmum and I were all in our bedrooms when we heard the atrocious noise, the rumbling of the earth, and felt the entire house moving. It was very scary! We all ran outside and found refuge in the car. Four people, four adults, feeling completely powerless and so so tiny against the ferocious strength of the earth. One thing I remember of those moments was how "expanded" time seemed to be: 40 seconds felt like hours!

A couple of hours later we discovered about what had just happened; we learnt that the epicentre had been located in L'Aquila, just 60 km from my hometown.
Fom that morning everything has changed. L'Aquila, the beautiful city with all its historical momuments and 99 churches, does not exist anymore. 300 people got killed and thousands are now homeless. The whole region, the whole country, sent volounteers straight away and my family and I did our best to offer our help.

Things like this make you wonder. Life must be lived and enjoyed in toto while we can!

Thank you guys for all your support!

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